Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

All websites on the internet require web hosting. Web hosting is the service of publishing your website content on the internet for people to find and access. The companies that provide this service are called web hosting service providers, and there are several of them, including us. These web hosting providers specialize in storing and serving websites. These companies provide space in their datacenters on a server, which is like a large powerful computer. In order to get your website online you'll need to either rent a whole server, which is expensive, or rent space on a shared server to store all of the data associated with your website. Everything you want to publish online for people to see lives on the server. The web hosting company provides all the equipment needed in order for your website to be published online for all to see. The hosting provider is responsible for keeping the servers running around the clock for anyone to access your site anytime from anywhere. All this hardware is located in a datacenter, which is a large building with racks and racks full of servers, storage, and networking hardware. Our datacenters are all located in the United States.
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Shared Hosting

Our hosting is a shared hosting service specifically designed for small businesses. We offer shared hosting because it is the most cost effective solution and all that most small business will ever need. Instead of paying for more than you need, shared hosting provides the secure resources on a server which can be expanded down the road if your business grows and requires more resources. Pay for only what you need when you need it.

In order to get started with a hosting provider you'll be required to have a domain name for your website. Most hosting providers can assist you in either transferring one you already have, or setting up a new one. The domain name is like an online address that people will use to find your site. For example our domain name is:
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When someone enters your domain name into a browser, like Google, it translates it to the IP address of your web hosting company's server that delivers your website as a result of their search.

We help make it easy for small business owners to get their business online quickly by offering an end to end solution. We offer website design, domain registration, and hosting services. Click on each of these links to learn more. If you have questions contact us, we're here to help.